Seedy behaviour

Online dating – beset with reputation of seediness.  Asides the fact meeting someone online seems no less risky than meeting someone when you are pie-eyed in a bar/club, or the low-chance blind-dates, it seems there is a glaring piece of legality that skips sites such as  There is a proliferation on dating sites, made easier by such services as, who provide easy cheap quick start dating systems.  Then  all you have to do, as with, is create a lot of fake adverts, and use it as front for cam girls.  Now as far as I can make out, there is nothign wrong with this – you state you intentions, and whether or not your site is accurate in presentation or content is by the by – until you start charging for it.  I name, as it is one experience – no money lost, but left with feeling that there is probably many sites like this one.  I think these scam sites (that is what they are) are riding on fact people would be too embarassed to complain.  As a english atheist male, I have no such emabrassment – when have sex and relationships become something to be ashamed of.  Well, that is a different discussion!  I would be interested to know peoples experiences (not necessarily just dating), but any service (however cheap), that was not as presented prior to subscription.  And what you found you could do about it.  Sadly and predicatbly, tracks back to Nigeria, a haven for web scams of all kinds, including the infamous “you have won 28 zillion in nigerian lottery!!” scams.   This site is a scam, and I would challenge the site owners to prove otherwise.  For example I did a test (being QA :)) – for every type of contact i made, be it message or “wink” (how cheesy!), I got immediate wink back, from girls half my age with no photo, saying they couldnt wait to see me online.  Test upon test proved same result – this is a no-brainer – this site is a scam.

About Very Naughty Website

Thank you for your interest in, the titillatingly cool, naughty but nice website. Though a significant portion of the site is devoted to UK adult dating, that is not all, we have other exciting sections for those who are either not interested in adult dating but still want to be naughty or are just looking for other sort of fun. Here are some of the other sections of Very Naught website.

From VeryNaughty, complete with appalling sentence construction and bad spelling!

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