Tedious web service #1

I use web services quite often, especially in wordpress – and occasionally I find something it seems worth paying out a little bit of money for. Generally I find these services attentive and enthusiastic. But occasionally you find rather shabbier operations – and none more so in the area of WordPress. wpmdev.org are a free and premium wordpress MU site, with some useful themes and plugins. What isnt so cool is the shabby payments process – which sets up recurring payment, which is easy to miss if you are human, as it only appears AFTER intial payment has been processed.  This is highlighting also the general proliferation of websites taking sloppy measures to take payments, and largely because paypal and easy site commerce plugins, have made it way too easy.

I assume as a vendor, they using paypal’s more premium services, and you get asked things like that in setup forms(?). Based on that assumption I also assume some people are tempted to choose it, even if not relevant to service being sold. I purchased one months access the wpmudev.org premium plugins and themes area. Nowhere in their TOC’s do they mention recurring payments, but as this and their other services are based on 1 or blocks of months, it seems that a recurring payment is unnecessary.

Anyway I cancelled the recurring payment (though had already paid for one month), as didnt want to risk payment going through the next month. The result – immediate access cancellation to website, which as a seasoned web user too a big exception to. Not the “what”, but the “why” bothered me – wpmudev.org gave a rather childish reaction to paypal dispute indicated a surly childish nature, and having briefly been on the site there is not much to shout about – hardly a busily productive site, could almost seem the tumbleweed rolling by. A valid paypal case, they wake up for though …

Just keep an eye out, as people are getting sloppy on web payments front – sometimes deliberate.  You may be entrusting your sensitive details and your money to some teenage gimp!  As I said, wpmudev, it wasnt about the money, that I raised paypal case – I had already extracted the paltry offerings from the site, very little on offer you dont get for free anyway – you have too little payments information and shield too much of the payment process on your site.

2 hours later……

Interesting … paypal are rejecting the case for the following reason (even though no response from incsub or wpmudev)

…..the claims process only applies to the delivery of goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a refund.

I am going to be thinking twice before signing up for any of these premium services in future.   Just because of a close affiliation with WP team, doesn’t mean you are above such things as transparency – trust on the web can be lost spectacularly quickly (easier to write than say), if you dump on your users.

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