Consultant vs Consultancy

Why choose a consultant over a consultancy? I operate as an individual consultant, with multiple skills, and extensive network. I can provide my consultancy alone, or if needs be, utilise my network and partnerships to widen the skills and resources I can provide from a client. This is all on an as needs basis.

As an individual, I am more motivated to streamline bloated or ineffective QA processes. Many companies I deal with cannot afford entire teams, not need pragmatic measures, not expensive ideals. As an individual, I am more transparent in my actions and behaviour. If more resource is needed, it will be justified. If additional tools are needed, then I will demonstrate and promote them, not just fill in a request form.

A consultancy has people to retain, and a full business to run. If they don’t have resource, they will usually bring a contractor on board, who flies the consultancy banner. Because they sell themselves as an entire Quality Assurance and testing company, you can be guaranteed on a instant price hike from outset. Once established, they won’t want to leave, unless they have to. The nature of consultancies is create paranoia that you aren’t doing everything you need to.

The question is are you going to put your faith in a consultancy, where resources and longevity are primary motive? Or the consultant, and one who is driven by new ideas, desire to learn and is adept at approaching even the most budget-tight projects with positivity and pragmatism?