My name is Paul Littlebury (aka jaffamonkey) and I have been working in Quality Assurance(QA) in a consultant and contractor capacity for nearly 17 years, in almost 40 companies, and even more projects. I have a range of experience in QA and testing, within many different approaches. I can assist in setting up processes, supplying resources, or simply advice and guidance.  I have accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge, and utilise many tools from the open source world.

There has been a lot of change in development and testing over the last couple of years, with new technologies and processes that both assisted and confused.  Over the years, I have developed my own company-agnostic Quality Assurance based on the principle that everything always changes.  Adaptability and pragmaticism are two qualities I bring to consultancy. I treat each company’s case scenario differently.  Every company different work culture, different technologies, different skills, different budget demands, different target audience.

I travelled a bumpy track to gain my experience, and it has given me a strong can-do attitude, proven in most demanding of environments.

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