PHP mobile apps for iOS and Android


PHP developers can now build mobile apps for iOS and Android — in PHP!

Zend have announced the ability to create mobile apps directly within Zend Studio.  Video below demonstrating the creation of a cloud-enabled native mobile app in 10 minutes or less in Zend Studio.  There is an annoying old-style “yoof-tv” wobbly moving  camera style.  A camera pointed at the screen would have been sufficient, it doesn’t need to be dramatised!

Bluehoo – friends you bever knew you wanted


Up to now my only experience of bluetooth, outside of file transfer or wifi, was fending off numerous virus attempts.  I am sure there have been efforts before, but found this little app for social networking using bluetooth.  A simple enough service – just download software to your (probably already burgeoning!) mobile, and then you are enabled you to communicate with other Bluehoo users.

My biggest bugbear with these type of ideas is in order for it to work, everyone has to download the software.  Does this then preclude me from other mobile social networks, purely the software doesnt work that way?  As usual social networking applications are anything but – the “walled garden” approach to social networking is sadly still prevalent.

Surely applications that are portable and flexible are way forward.

ItsNat: Component based Java Web Application Framework

ItsNat is a Java AJAX web framework with functional web test built-in. Simulates a Universal Java W3C Browser in the server, the client DOM tree is basically a clone of the server and is updated automatically when the server changes usually as the response of an AJAX event. The server can fire W3C DOM events and send them to the browser simulating user actions. These are received again by the server as in a normal AJAX app. As the test code is in the server too, can check the expected GUI changes (checking the server DOM tree) or the expected business behavior (added/removed/updated data).