Groovy DSL

The gap between language-driven requirements and code is getting smaller, but for some reason it is taking us all a while to realise that programming languages have to become more readable. If you look a piece of any code, you will dereive things that you understand. If you remove all that you understand from the program and paste it in another doc, the chances are you will have (more of less) a description of what the code is doing, that you (and others) can understand.
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Chav on the go


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One of the most annoying but comical mobile phone users, are the ones in queues, and the types that usually do not look like dynamic go-getters thatn need to be on the phone 24/7.   One experience with an annoying chav girl in a supermarket (i.e  cheap, overweight, arrogant and loud), having 3 successive conversations in a hyperactive voice, at the same time telling all these people that she couldnt talk as she was in supermarket queue,  and she would call from home.  She would then look around at us in the queue with a “life never stops” look, and expectantly waiting for us to comment.

After the third call, I suggested maybe she could have saved her self the stress, and called these people from home, she looked agitated, the chav brain going into metldown over a conundrum – how do I stop looking like a fool?  She resigned herself to giving me a dirty look that made her face look like a bulldog.  I cant be bothered to engage with these type of people anyway – stop pulling us into your squalid little lives!   Chav Nathan Barleys – the rise of the idots seems unstoppable.

Chav (pronounced /Tch’ave/) is a derogatory term applied to certain young people in the United Kingdom. The stereotypical “chav” is an aggressive teenager or young adult, who is usually particullary agressive. And who often engages in anti-social behaviour,[1] such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdy behaviour. They are often assumed to be unemployed or in a low paid job.

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Phweet lets you accept calls with one click from your Twitter page or Twitter clients. Phweet is a simple service where you don’t need to download or share anything more to talk. The call is contained within a PhweetUrl; a smart link that calls you. And you can share who you are talking to in real time without having to reveal or exchange phone numbers or other identities.

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O vodafone, vodafone …..

O vodafone, vodafone ….. how much can you annoy your customers?  You have excelled!

1.  The multiple calls from voicemail telling me I have a message, then prompting me to call back on the same number you call from, instead of relaying my voicemails on that phone call.

2.  The multiple calls from voicemail which dont stop until I delete the voicemail message, except when ….

3.  The multiple calls from voicemail telling me I have a message, even when there isnt one.

4.  The multiple text messages telling me I have voicemail, just in case you havent annoyed me enough with the multiple calls.

5.  The final pisstake was three repeated voicemails at 5am this morning, for messages I had already listened.