Cult of the Dead Cow


I remember this was one of the first sites i kept going back to.  That was 1995, and they are still here with a slighly different website, but still the same great aims.  They started in 1984 at a slaughterhouse, with aim for  “Global Domination Through Media Saturation”  -cDc and their affiliates (such as Ninja Strike Force) exercise their right to roam the web, and operate by stealth. Continue reading

Cult of the amateur

A little over-reaction I would say, but the web has become a mess again. The danger of the masses invading the web, as he puts it, was a positive playground to begin with. But now the professionals are needed again. Still, something sinister about the undertones of this video, the same previous attempts by corporations to instigate control and centralization of the www.

Web 2.0 critic Keen says professionals will reclaim Web 3.0

Andrew Keen, who argued in his book Cult of the Amateur that Web 2.0 is destroying our culture, was more optimistic about the future when he spoke at the launch of Chales Leadbeater’s book We-Think at NESTA on March 3 2008. He said:
“The reality is that web 3.0 is actually going to be a moment when the experts, professionals, grab back the levers of power, the tools of creativity. When I wrote my book I was fearful that the masses were taking over and the future of the world was wikipedia. I actually think that the future of the world are professionals, doctors, academics, even politicians who will use the tools of the Internet like anybody else to distribute their wisdom and exertise. So I’m actually much less pessimistic in the way I look at the world about the future.”

Full report here.