QUnit: JS Unit Test framework

QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit test suite. It’s used by the jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile projects and is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, including itself!
QUnit: A JavaScript Unit Testing framework

This is used by the jQuery projects, so probably worth a look. Javascript has found new niches, with all the extensibility available now to develop effective web front-ends in a more secure and efficient manner. Javascript detractors have long predicted demise of Javascript, but that’s a way off yet and perhaps now irrelevant, given the previous accusation centred around it’s limitations.

Picking rice out the keyboard

Internet CafeI am constantly being wrong – as I predicted the end of texting with advent of picture/video messaging (I can get swallowed up in hype sometimes), I also thought there would be demise of internet cafe’s, with mobile companies offering “unlimited” (unlimited is alwasy in quote marks when it comes to web access!). But I find them handy sometimes – I have a nice Desire HD, but still prefer the comfort of browsing on a desktop PC, even when out and about. Mind you, you should check a little before committing – the state of some PC’s in London internet cafe’s are total health risk! The worst I saw was in a chinese takeaway, and the keyboard was so stained, I couldn’t read half the keys.

I have used a few and some are set up better than others. By default, cache should be cleared, but in many places it isnt. For example, the one I am in now, as soon as I kicked up browser and went to linkedin, the previous user was still logged in. And logged into Facebook, and hotmail and twitter and … well, who knows what else. It was a reminder to me not to be sloppy – if another less scrupulous person had come on the PC before I did it could have caused that previous person a lot of embarassment! So be careful in future, Andrea 🙂

Return to Tumblr

Following the sad demise of Pownce soon, I xml’d my bookmarks to Tumblr and rediscovered the real originator of microblogging.

One of its great strengths is easy integration into websites, and robust import tool.  Compliments though to Pownce for graceful exit, and useful data export generation options. I understand that these kind of ventures can be fragile, but too many of these type of services just disappear with no notice to user.
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