Groovy DSL

The gap between language-driven requirements and code is getting smaller, but for some reason it is taking us all a while to realise that programming languages have to become more readable. If you look a piece of any code, you will dereive things that you understand. If you remove all that you understand from the program and paste it in another doc, the chances are you will have (more of less) a description of what the code is doing, that you (and others) can understand.
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Combination of FitNesse and Selenium, providing a domain specific langauge that allows non-developers to write selenium tests in plain english that are executed through the Fitnesse framework.

Fitnium – the closest I have seen to decent attempt to use Selenium with Fitnesse. The reason I gravitate towards Fintesse is largely down to recent experience with BDD and Kanban. The strengths but also the dangers of these methodologies is the focus on requirements, and keeping up to speed with changes or new requirements. Continue reading