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Clients often take the wrong approach when specifying requirements, by using examples of what they have seen on other websites.  Hence proliferation of jQuery/AJAX madness, contradictory functionality.  Instead of thinking about what they need, they choose what they want, based on what they see on other websites.  How many times have designers heard “just make the site look like that one”?   Separating out data/functionality from design was a fundamental move in development, but clients can send this backwards latching onto design, before data and functionality considerations.

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Try the CSS Validator on this site

Try the CSS Validator on this site (based on CSSTidy)

CSSTidy is an opensource CSS parser and optimiser. It is available as executeable file (available for Windows, Linux and OSX) which can be controlled per command line and as PHP script (both with almost the same functionality).
In opposite to most other CSS parsers, no regular expressions are used and thus CSSTidy has full CSS2 support and a higher reliability.

Words to inspire UX designers

A great site I use but I get too bogged down in the business and technical sides of design.  However we like to portray the web, it is a succession of linked documents, and how they look is every bit as important as the functionality underneath.  Good design doesnt have to be a work of art, but it must be intuitive and guide/help the user.

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Guiffy – Diff/Merge Tool

When testing Related Content functionality on a website, it can be a lengthy business.  Although you may be provided with exact algorithms and search weightings, sometimes it is just a simple matter of if it appears to be relevant, not just that it matches the system logic. What you should also arm yourself with is a good file compqarison tool, so you can extract and compare the content.  There are a lot of tools, but my personal preference is this one.  Simple, fast and accurate.
Guiffy – Diff Merge tool & Folder Compare application and API Library