Self destructing emails

I remember when this first appeared in 2001. There are a host of other tracking features with the service now, but the core self destruction email service that this started on is still of most interest. On a childish level, you can send insulting emails and set them to delete within certain timeframe after opening. Cue funny “I swear I saw it” type scenarios. A more serious use is to retract an email you didnt mean to send, or simply had an error/misinformation in it. This has free trial, but for completely free service try

Testing is a confusing enough area as it is

Testing is a confusing enough area as it is – there is an obession amongst test professionals to constantly dissect methodologies. For example – Usability vs User Acceptance Testing.

Lets not forget the purpose of testing, web testing especially – which is …. does it work, and does it not p*ss me off. Usability is the BEST approach to any website development, and through this testing can uncover a host of non-usability errors – its all in the approach and test script design.