First WordPress plugin

I released my first WordPress plugin today. I have have been trawling through custom code I have coded over years, and found some that are ideal to turn into plugins. The first is a simple on that adds an address field on the post form, and allows user to add a googlemap identifying location, with a customisable widget. Will be adding a proximity search and multiple map marker display in future releases.  Will also be creating a user guide to demontsrate how to create plugins, and how this particular one was made. Continue reading


404pageWhat a great idea – a 404 page competition!  Being run by WordPress design guru (I only use that word when deserved!) Justin Tadlock, the creator of the theme framwework Hybrid (which this blog uses).

In QA capacity, 404 pages are often highlighted, as they are usually forgotten or left as a basic default.  But it can be a doorway – best to treat them as another index page.  The user may have arrived by accident but maybe they meant to be there, and just need encouragement 🙂

Microformats: Inbound Marketing

You are attending a trade show and you want to let people know, so they can sign up as well. All you have to do is go to the free hCalendar creator, put it your event information, and paste its HTML code into your web page.

Soon, browsers will be able to add a customized “Add to calendar” link next to this entry. That is possible because the computer now understands the event information. More impressively, search engines that index this page will also be able to add an “Add to calendar” link right on the search results page Imagine your web page standing out of the crowd with some customized, personal links for the user.
Microformats: Inbound Marketing for Computers