WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” – enhanced media features

wordpress elvin

The unstoppable march of WordPress, ignoring tedious php-detractors and providing developers with a solid platform with huge extensibility. The  focus of web development has rightly shifted to the presentation layer, and this is an area of WordPress’s key strengths.

The presentation layer mainly translates data between the application layer and the network format. Data can be communicated in different formats via different sources. Thus, the presentation layer is responsible for integrating all formats into a standard format for efficient and effective communication.


WP Multisite Network Posts

Finally, a decent plugin that aggregates and displays feeds from all your WordPress sub-domain blogs.  Network Latest Posts plugin has many parameter option to customise your feed.  An example is below, which is aggregated list from 5 jaffamonkey.com sub-domain blogs. Hit and miss whether it picks up on images though – unfortunately, not all themes stick to WordPress standards.

[nlposts title=”Blog posts” blog_id=2,12,8 thumbnail=true thumbnail_url=attachment-thumbnail paginate=true posts_per_page=20 display_content=true excerpt_length=100 sort_by_date=true sort_by_blog=true full_meta=false display_type=block auto_excerpt=true]


Oh, I like this – a great tool for any web tester, and a better alternative to using CURL to manipulate POST/GET http data. TamperData is an Firefox extension to track and modify http/https requests. It is ideal to common more lightweight security issues, which are important to consider, given the amount of amateur hackers, and the software available to them. As an aside, if you want a serious stab at (snigger!) penetration testing, try the Backtrack linux distro. Use a few tools on this and, believe me, you will never do anything that requires security, across a wireless network.

And there goes another terabyte …

Occasionally I remember it seems like a small world on our PC’s and (bleugh!) MAC’s (Note to self: Must start cutting Apple users some slack!) .  However much we think we know there are millions of people out there hooked up to same place we are, it rarely registers – we are always “visiting”.    That is why we are  always downloading, as if frantically picking up as many souvenirs as we can before it “disappears”.   We are all one terminal amongst hundreds of millions are on the same network at the same time – so why bother trying to backing up the www on your pc?  This question has been in my head a thousand times. Even the paltry WAP open source I submitted in 2002 to a few php script sites are STILL easy to find.  After being on the web 15 years I have realised that nothing goes away (though I struggle to re-find things sometimes!). Continue reading

Operation Chokehold is coming

Christ, spare us all from whining iPhoners!  Interesting (but I am sure random) choice of picture, putting iPhone users in role of  evil Darth vader, and AT&T in role of lowly Empire “cannon fodder”.   I read this article, then read the associated stories and thought – well that makes total sense. Bandwidth is not unlimited, whatever mobile broadband sales/marketing says.  If you think about it, how can it be?  And the millions of Nathan barley iPhone users are clogging up the airwaves with trite shallow data.  So I say f*ck ’em, and go for it AT&T – iPhone users want to try and bring the mobile network down?  Get a life and protest against something that actually matters – this is just shallow, but in keeping with the average iPhone user profile.

Watch out AT&T: Operation Chokehold is coming

Twitter Micro-news Agency

There are now a lot of web apps using the Twitter API – the majority are repetivie search engines, but Microplaza is different.

MicroPlaza looks at your Twitter network and displays all the links shared by the people you follow with associated tweets. Simple, but useful for someone like me, who primarily uses Twitter netowrk for information/links. There must be a lot of Twitter users like this, if you are one, then this is recommended!