Cult of the Dead Cow


I remember this was one of the first sites i kept going back to.  That was 1995, and they are still here with a slighly different website, but still the same great aims.  They started in 1984 at a slaughterhouse, with aim for  “Global Domination Through Media Saturation”  -cDc and their affiliates (such as Ninja Strike Force) exercise their right to roam the web, and operate by stealth. Continue reading



bing-search-engineSo Microsoft are seriously contending with Google … I dont think so – what they are doing is what MS usually do – trying to dominate by stealth and dishonesty.  MS have latched onto the newspapers/publishing industry, as they have still failed to find significant foothold in web services.  Google are rightly unfazed by this, as traditional publishing industry has no power regards web news and articles.  They have still failed to realise the web isnt waiting for them, the web is waiting for them to catch up.  Is Bing any good?  Who cares – its Microsoft – their product wont be concerned with quality, only ultimate control. To compete with Google is a waste of time, when creating something different with different purpose would be more valuable.  This just highlights why MS no longer belong – their approach is to challenge existing popular technologies rather than be original.  And so waste billions of dollars that could be more effectively put into development.  Their R&D section must be thoroughly sick of innovation being sacrificed for stakeholder returns.