Quality Assurance

Let me set something straight. Quality Assurance (QA) is about improving the process that is used to create the end result. In other words (in software development) the project lifecycle and all it’s inherent processes. The wikipedia defintion is not that bad, so there is no excuse for rebranding of QA as purely about testing (though testing processes do come under QA remit). To misunderstand what Quality Assurance probably means you don’t really understand what testing is about either. In other words, leave it to the experts. I realise saying we need to QA this product sound vaguely more exciting than we need to test this product. Reason being is that most people don’t get what it is anyway. Mysterious – hence, cooler.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an umbrella term for all processes and activities related to project quality activities.  Testing is the most visibly used, but there are many benefits to adopting a general Quality Assurance approach to project quality; not just testing.

Too often, modern web development projects turn into runaway trains, and Quality Assurance is ideal way to get projects back on track.

I can cover project management, development and testing, in the Quality Assurance evaluation.

I work with firm belief in how much is possible from just better streamlining, not least giving your team room to enjoy being on a collaborative supportive project team.

Developing a QA strategy is the plan for how you are going to approach project quality, and can serve as your QA framework, for business to maintain process of project initiation and reviews/reporting.

Quality Assurance can be applied from project inception through to delivery. Testing can be considered the end validation of the end-to-end QA process, and what  provides the final verification of project output.

Whether just a few days or a regular arrangements, please feel free to contact with no obligation, and an assurance I won’t seek to make problems much larger than they actually are.

Hysteria is a very effective sales tool, but morality should always start somewhere – even in business.

Our approach is based on this principle, tailored to your work culture, and existing (working) processes.  For a few days consultancy I can help projects onto a better track.