Testing Academy

On perlease!  The “testing academy”?   This is just embrassing for a testing services site – though was doubled up how awful it was – especially the hammy indiscreet (and very short) tester diary.

For a start there dont have a link to their front page anywhere on their site, and a rather lacklustre offering as a whole. I found them through a reference to this site from someone on the softwaretestclub group – strange, given my experience, that I dont run across these people.  But from the look of it, their efforts is focussed on blue chip company projects, largely ignorant of testing practices.

This site is a scam or a sham – either way, avoid!

Link below is to the “tester diary” – good for a laugh for some testers ramblings about agile, though seemed to have given up pretty quick.  Probably just made up, but maybe its a short diary because he never found more work, because he was inept.  Its 50/50 and not good either way.

Testing Academy: Newsletter


404pageWhat a great idea – a 404 page competition!  Being run by WordPress design guru (I only use that word when deserved!) Justin Tadlock, the creator of the theme framwework Hybrid (which this blog uses).

In QA capacity, 404 pages are often highlighted, as they are usually forgotten or left as a basic default.  But it can be a doorway – best to treat them as another index page.  The user may have arrived by accident but maybe they meant to be there, and just need encouragement 🙂

Marketing using RSS


This is a good marketing use of rss syndication. Spam and viral marketing campaigns have had a good run, and no doubt done the job intended (at least, I assume they have done to their intended audience). Though people are generally heistant about providing their email addresses, without valid reason. And recieving unsolicited email will only ultimately to damage to a company’s reputation, RSS feeds are seen an innocuous, and generally people will subscribe without question. The real beauty of this is that people will only subscribe to feeds that are of actual interest which means the target audience is largely relevant.