Xebium – Selenium bridge for Fitnesse

Xebium, as with Fitnium, extends the script fixture of Fitnesse. After evaluating the pair, I found Xebium to be superior in terms of setup and usuability. The feature I do like is how you can take Firefox Selenium IDE addon recordings and export them as Fitness/Xebium format, for cutting and pasting into fitnesse.
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Tedious web service #1

I use web services quite often, especially in wordpress – and occasionally I find something it seems worth paying out a little bit of money for. Generally I find these services attentive and enthusiastic. But occasionally you find rather shabbier operations – and none more so in the area of WordPress. wpmdev.org are a free and premium wordpress MU site, with some useful themes and plugins. What isnt so cool is the shabby payments process – which sets up recurring payment, which is easy to miss if you are human, as it only appears AFTER intial payment has been processed. ┬áThis is highlighting also the general proliferation of websites taking sloppy measures to take payments, and largely because paypal and easy site commerce plugins, have made it way too easy.
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