C#, Selenium & NUnit

This trio provides a quick and easy way to set up UI-driven tests with Selenium webdriver, and Visual Studio, C# and NUnit to create and initiate the tests.  Here is a step by step guide, using the customary google search scenario as example (fast becoming the “Hello World!” of testing). Continue reading

First WordPress plugin

I released my first WordPress plugin today. I have have been trawling through custom code I have coded over years, and found some that are ideal to turn into plugins. The first is a simple on that adds an address field on the post form, and allows user to add a googlemap identifying location, with a customisable widget. Will be adding a proximity search and multiple map marker display in future releases.  Will also be creating a user guide to demontsrate how to create plugins, and how this particular one was made. Continue reading

Tumblr is finally coming of age – when t…

Tumblr is finally coming of age – when the web world went mad on aggregation, and web 2.0 sites took full advantage of using other peoples information, tumblr was already doing it for individuals. http://jaffamonkey.tumblr.com. It provides not only aggregation, but multitude of formats to present that information. I am not going to rewrite their blurb, as it seems pretty self-explanatory!

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme’s HTML.

How to Control Tab Order in HTML

Seems a common omission on websites, so posting for info … tabindex is the key to doing this. Don’t make assumptions on your users – you dont have to be disabled to use tabbing to navigate between fields.

Example code snippet: input type=”text” name=”field1″ tabindex=1

And if they arent in the right order, its a real irritation (“User, say byebye”). Click in first field then use TAB to navigate.

Field 1 (first tab selection):

Field 2 (third tab selection):

Field 3 (second tab selection):

Wizlite | Collaborative Page Highlighting

Wizlite allows you to highlight text (like on real paper) on any page on the Internet and share it with everybody (or just your friends).
Wizlite | Collaborative Page Highlighting


Though aimed at collaboration, I am using this to bookmark is more specific way.  Though there is no replacement  for bookmarking website URLs, this is an easy way to centrally store bookmarks, with site extracts.  So you never have to go back to the actual site, you have the bookmakred site extracts in one place.  These extracts are updated, if the website they were extracted one is updated.