Use angular.js with WordPress

AngularJS And WordPress

1. Download zip file.
[wpfilebase tag=file id=1 /]
2. Install and activate the plugin.
3. Set wp-angularjs-include to true in Custom Fields on post edit page.

Sample test code:

  <b>Hello <span style="color:#ff6600;">{{yourName}}</span>!</b>
<div />

Sample test code output (type anything into the input field to see “Hello …” string update:


Hello {{yourName}}!

First WordPress plugin

I released my first WordPress plugin today. I have have been trawling through custom code I have coded over years, and found some that are ideal to turn into plugins. The first is a simple on that adds an address field on the post form, and allows user to add a googlemap identifying location, with a customisable widget. Will be adding a proximity search and multiple map marker display in future releases.  Will also be creating a user guide to demontsrate how to create plugins, and how this particular one was made. Continue reading

Dress up your fonts

Something simple to make your site font a little more modern and smooth. Google provide ability to add free embedded fonts – they can also be purchased at a charge you want to pay. You can pay nothing, but that would be mean spirited – people do a lot of work for free in web world, myself included. Payment isnt expected but believe me, it is hoped for 😉

How to do it

<link href=’,italic,bold,bolditalic&#8217; rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

Just place the above string in <HEAD> section of you header file (assuming you are still not madly using static web page). The next stage is to alter your stylesheet, for example:-

font: normal 12px/18px ‘Arial’, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font: normal 12px/18px ‘Ubuntu’, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Simple! (Ensure you change all CSS font definitions where you want this embedded font to appear)

Acid3 – The Web Standards Project

Acid3 Browser Test – The Web Standards Project

Acid3 is primarily testing specifications for “Web 2.0″ dynamic Web applications. Also there
are some visual rendering tests, including webfonts. Here is the list of specifications tested:

  • DOM2 Core
  • DOM2 Events
  • DOM2 Range
  • DOM2 Style (getComputedStyle, …)
  • DOM2 Traversal (NodeIterator, TreeWalker)
  • DOM2 Views (defaultView)
  • ECMAScript
  • HTML4 (<object>, <iframe>, …)
  • HTTP (Content-Type, 404, …)
  • Media Queries
  • Selectors (:lang, :nth-child(), combinators, dynamic changes, …)
  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS2 (@font-face)
  • CSS2.1 (’inline-block’, ‘pre-wrap’, parsing…)
  • CSS3 Color (rgba(), hsla(), …)
  • CSS3 UI (’cursor’)
  • data: URIs
  • SVG (SVG Animation, SVG Fonts, …)