Interactive Fiction Programming

Worth a look – I was searching around for different examples of programming lanmguages and came across Inform. Inform is “A Design System for Interactive Fiction Based on Natural Language”.

An example of its implementation is here And here is a list of others you can have a look at –

Before trying to actual program file, you will need to download an interpreter to use it, if you don’t want to commit to entire Inform

My first and last attempt to make whole website in flash

Wayback Machine BetaThanks to joy of – it holds cached copies of web pages stretching back to mid-90’s.

Earliest Google site version:-

Below, I managed to retrieve an old swf file I thought I had lost using same site. My first and last attempt to make whole website in flash – I truly recognised at that point that design just wasn’t my area – I found it stressful! Good design is a pleasure to look at, and can only admire those who can truly make flash dance (no cheesy pun intended).
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