A “George Constanza” moment

Just had conversation with an recruitment agent, who was calling me to ask me how interview went yesterday (I didn’t have one). For some bizarre reason, I said “it went well”, struggling to remember who agent was, and what interview I was supposed to have had yesterday. I should have simply asked what the job in question was, but I instantly assumed it was belated contact about an interview, not done in recent memory. Continue reading

Wikimedia Foundation

I love wikipedia, ones of Wikimedia’s largest and longest running projects.  It is a truly democratic source of information.  The people who whine about its accuracy amuse me – if people have the passion to be angry, but no passion to do anything about it,  it is singularly unimpressive.  Wikipedia is based on USER CONTRIBIUTION – if you disgaree with something on there, you can contribute with your “truth”.  The facts are balanced by usefiul links to other sites of information, or just other opinions.

What I have neglected to do in the last 7 years of using it, and using it a lot more in the last year, was bother to find out about them.  I hang my head in shame, as just reading their FAQ site showed me that here truly was a web effort worth supporting actively.  Wikimedia (registered US charity than runs wikipedia) is a non-profit organisation, involved in worldwide charity inititatives. Wikipedia’s ultimate goal is to be global source of information, and more importantly democratic in its approach to the data it holds.

The most underrated web organisation, along with w3c (world wide web consortium).  These type of organisations are trying to keep the web in way we should hold dear – free and unobstructed access to fundamental information – be it Transformers 2 production history or The Taliban.  Or maybe you should just continue trusting the information from media, governments or some conspiracy theorist.

Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most popular encyclopedia. It’s online, free to use, and free of advertising. Wikipedia contains more than 14 million volunteer-authored articles in over 250 languages, and is visited by more than 330 million people every month, making it the number five most-popular site in the world. It is a collaborative creation that has been added to and edited by millions of people during the past eight years: anyone can edit it, at any time. Wikipedia is the largest collection of shared knowledge in human history, and the people who support it are united by their love of learning, their intellectual curiosity, and their awareness that we know much more together, than any of us does alone.

Wikimedia Foundation

E.ON – Power and Gas

Although the English service record has always been particularly poor, utilities companies seem to employ people with part of their brains missing.  I recently moved into new flat, and dutifully informed Eon of the change of tenant.  I now get two bills regularly twice a week – one billed to The Occupier for bill prior to me moving in, and one also addressed to “The Occupier” for subsequent bill.  Now it seems to me that they have obviously received my details, as the date up to, and date from, on the bills tallies.  Maybe they are hoping I will pay both bills to save them administration.  Must be so complicated changing one name to another – obviously is for a UK company, especially lazy inept parasitic ones like Eon.

BT also step up to the mark on this one, but in a manner intended to confuse and worry you enough to pay up regardless.  They are a far more shameless bunch of idiots, and in process of taking them to court, as we cannot allow companies to feel they can bully – that is simply plain cowardice on their part.

Actually I am missing the point – you want to screw more money out of your customers – apply unreasonable inflation-busting charges, keep the intimidation letters flowing, and hire idiots to administer – pure credit-crunch brilliance!  It worked for The Tube, National Rail, etc.  Incompetence should be rewarded, and now is in the UK – welcome to world of “Nathan Barley”, an oft referenced comedy from the very astute Chris Morris (and Charlie Brooker).

I am not too churlish not to wish all a happy new year, so Happy New Year Eon and BT! ….. you bunch of morons.

Nokia slow cooker

I got tired quickly of the slow ear-roasting properties of the N95 (and to be balanced, I think most smartphones are the same), and went back to an old favourite, the w580i (part of the sweet 500 series).   A friend of mine used to be on his mobile so much he got large (benign) tumors on his neck behind his ears.  He was permanently cemented to his mobile, but still a cautionary reminder.
Back to w580i – as well as fine walkman software, and a nice quality feel to it, it is just a very good mobile phone, for those of us that still spend a lot of time talking and txting.   The camera may only be 2Mp, but the quality is better than a lot of the 5Mp+ phones.  I have generally found the higher the Mp, the more necessary it is that your photographic subjects stay still!  Which with an 18month year old is a challenge too far – about 60 blurry pictures, dada started growling under his breath.  The best thing about this phone is it works fast, has great sound and  looks good.