Security Testing

Security Testing is not a mystical art – well, it can be at a real hacker level, but you may end up chasing your own tail trying to block all weaknesses.
Security TestingDon’t be fooled into thinking security can be 100% – you should always have contingency plan for areas of risk.

You can do a lot to prevent a lot of common website attacks, with Web Security Testing. There is a lot of open source software which automates certain types of security breaches, and with coding and server skills, you can utilise these very effectively.

Overloading page forms is a very easy way to break a website, unless you have some basic protections against spamming programs. And there are many weaknesses that can easily be addressed.

I can perform extensive Web Security Testing, to review of your web application. More importantly, I provide information on how to fix issues and leave guidance documentation to avoid basic security issues re-appearing.