Usability Review

Usability is a large area and incorporates different types of testing to achieve the overall goal.

My approach is task-based, to ensure testing is relevant, that visitors can effectively use the site to achieve their goals. And from code level upwards -if you don’t have a stable foundation, then you may be simply patching over the cracks.

You don’t have specific usability requirements? Not a problem, as I have standard test approach to cover this situation, including:-

  • Browser compatibility
  • Web accessibility
  • User Experience testing
  • Coding standards – (X)HTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, JavaScript, RSS
  • Other specialised standards (such as SCORM, MOBILE OK)

You review the defects on our issue tracking system (or we can use yours, if available). Additionally we provide focused Usability surveys, which you can distribute to select audience to complete (coming soon!).

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