Web Accessibility

Until this becomes fully legislated, companies tend to avoid what they see as a minefield.

Observing web accessibility standards not only widens your audience, it can clean up your code.  Any web accessibility device will struggle on a website, with poor standards coding

Can anyone argue with objective of quality coding?  A standard response from myself when faced with web accessibility being shoved on the development back-burner.  Including sensible WCAG compliance element to quality process need not hamper development.

As a project processes, bad coding practice can lead to problems further down the project timeline. What seemed once a reasonable page load time can turn into an agonising one. Introducing WCAG as standard check-list with each iteration (at least Level A), this can both educate development, and provide more test coverage including coding standards.

This can be automated to a large degree, but visual verification is essential and pass-through with accessibility tool emulators.

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