WordPress/Drupal Testing

Much of testing principles remains the same regardless of programming language or product. However, specialised testing on WordPress and Drupal has real added value.

Open source products present their own challenges, as they are more akin to re-factoring projects, with the same degrees of risk associated with implementation. So testing on projects based on open source, warrants a fully Agile approach.

My specialities in testing open source content management system, are with WordPress and Drupal.  In  a testing capacity, I have extended past tester remit, to provide actual solutions along with issue reports.  My extensive experience using open source testing tools, enables me to test further and deeper, and provide more value than simply reporting “X does not work”.

I have both testing and development skills with WordPress CMS, both as website designer and troubleshooter.  My extensive knowledge of WordPress, and the best tools and plugins on the market, has helped me avoid many pitfalls in development capacity.  I have developed WordPress sites from the ground up, utilising Zend framework, and Selenium for test automation.

WordPress website in trouble?

I have extensive experience in rescuing WordPress websites – whether 500 error, “white screen of death” or dire performance, I can guarantee a fix – or no charge!