HTML5 Video


If you want to cater for everyone with video, you are going to have to accommodate them with code, especially those beleaguered Apple users. First, convert your video into 3 formats – .swf, .ogv and .mp4. Between these, you will cover about 90% of users. Be friendly, and add download links for people who prefer to download and watch later, or for various reason, are unable to stream.



Download Video:
Closed Format: “MP4”
Open Format: “Ogg”

Here’s the code …

<video width=”320″ height=”240″ controls>
<source src=”; type=”video/mp4″ /><!– Safari / iOS video –>
<source src=”; /><!– Firefox / Opera / Chrome10 –>
<!– fallback to Flash: –>

<p> <strong>Download Video:</strong>
Closed Format: <a href=”″>”MP4″</a&gt;
Open Format: <a href=””>”Ogg”</a&gt;

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” – enhanced media features

wordpress elvin

The unstoppable march of WordPress, ignoring tedious php-detractors and providing developers with a solid platform with huge extensibility. The  focus of web development has rightly shifted to the presentation layer, and this is an area of WordPress’s key strengths.

The presentation layer mainly translates data between the application layer and the network format. Data can be communicated in different formats via different sources. Thus, the presentation layer is responsible for integrating all formats into a standard format for efficient and effective communication.

Quicktime is sh*t – its Apple, of course it is

RottenAppleWill people please stop using Quicktime for movies!  Out of all the possible formats, why choose the format that is the least cross-browser friendly, has annoying plugins setup for mozilla browsers, and the software is just full of adware, and annoying unwanted addtions to startup.  On Linux, it even more hassle!  Kill the MOVs!  There is no need or use for them.  I know the MAC world is a little “precious”, but surely making a video codec for use on websites, that penalises PC users, limits your audience somewhat.  But very very Apple.

Making the world a playground

plaYce is a startup that is redefining quick-engagement games by providing high-end, media rich action, streamed within the browser. Think of plaYce as casual gaming for REAL gamers, enabling them to play quick-engagement social games with their online friends. Games are based in plaYce’s 3D virtual world, which is accurately based on real world locations. Game developers can use plaYce’s API to create their own games within this unique 3D world.

plaYce’s first game, Downtown Defender, is a 3D Tower Defense game that takes place in SF. The game provides amazing graphics that have never before been seen in the quick-engagement Web browser format. We will launch more games shortly in NYC and Hong Kong.

plaYce |

WMP Audio Demo (with visualizations)

Browser Support:

  • Internet Explorer 6+/7
  • Firefox 2+ – (Some features, such as “Autostart”, will not work)

There is currently no support for embedded Windows Media Player for MAC browsers, but other players are supported for MAC (such as Flash or Real Player). It is normal practice to supply at least two different format choices, to increase the range of browser support. Flash is the most popular choice, as it has the most extensive browser support.