Why have information in one place, when it can be duplicated a 10000 times in many places? The web demonstrates very effectively how easily information can become corrupted by indirect communication. Take any news story, then (if you can be bothered), read the same story on different websites. Mostly, they are the same, but some cannot resist adding their own additions to the story.

Semantic Media Cloud

mediacloudMedia Cloud is a system that lets you see the flow of the media. The Internet is fundamentally altering the way that news is produced and distributed, but there are few comprehensive approaches to understanding the nature of these changes. Media Cloud automatically builds an archive of news stories and blog posts from the web, applies language processing, and gives you ways to analyze and visualize the data.

Media Cloud

Positive News – Reports on People, Events & Influences

A nice change for those of us sick of tabloid sensationalism of doom and gloom.  I know as a nation we are a tad on the pessimistic side, but if all we had to go by was British media, we would all be queuing at suicide booths.

Its a good reminder, amongst all the grime of constant wars and greedy bankers, that there is actually good things going on too!