Responsive design

responsive web design

Responsive Design is an approach to web development which makes the website design compatible across devices like smart phones, iPads and other tablets. This coding practice gives the website the exact look on the mobile devices as on laptops or desktops.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Security Testing is not a mystical art – well, it can be at a real hacker level, but you may be chasing your own tail trying to block all weaknesses.

But you can do a lot to prevent a lot of common website attacks, as there is a lot of software which automates certain types of security breaches.

Overloading page forms is a very easy way, unless you have some basic protections against spamming programs.

I can perform security review of your web application, and more importantly, provide information on how to fix issues, and leave guidance to avoid basic security issues re-appearing.

Oh the sad pettiness of website owners …

Oh the sad pettiness of website owners who get a bad review – are you teenagers? Maybe you should just blub in your pillow about that awful man who slated your service in his grumpy-old-man blog. Using email attacks is a very common method, but any half-decent spam program will deal with this crap. Re-invent the wheel if you must, with no added value apart, from building a business for yourself – but expect some flak for it, or go back to the playground 🙂

Something I am bad at maintaining but so…

Something I am bad at maintaining, but so simple to do it has to be done. Nothing more annoying in a form if the tab order is illogical. While designers usually remember to do this, what is often forgotten the the tabbing order for an entire page selectable elements. Just go to any website and press tab and see where it selects first. It should be home link, but rarely is.

.htaccess is a very ancient configuratio…

.htaccess is a very ancient configuration file that controls the Web Server running your website, and is one of the most powerful configuration files you will ever come across. Htaccess is sometimes called: “HyperText Access” because of its ability to control access of the WWW’s HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) using Password Protection, 301 Redirects, and much much more. This is because this configuration file was coded in the earliest days of the web (HTTP), for one of the first Web Servers built for HTTP. Eventually these Web Servers (configured with htaccess) became known as the World Wide Web, and eventually grew into the Internet we know today.

My first and last attempt to make whole website in flash

Wayback Machine BetaThanks to joy of – it holds cached copies of web pages stretching back to mid-90’s.

Earliest Google site version:-

Below, I managed to retrieve an old swf file I thought I had lost using same site. My first and last attempt to make whole website in flash – I truly recognised at that point that design just wasn’t my area – I found it stressful! Good design is a pleasure to look at, and can only admire those who can truly make flash dance (no cheesy pun intended).
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Twitter’s most comparable competitor Plurk has been languishing somewhat, though maybe harsh, as the positive is it has not become burdened down with gizmos, widgets, etc.  There are a few services using the Plurk API to generate web services such as this one.  Essentially a bookmarking tool, that uses shorted URL in posting.  Not particularly new or revolutionary, but one of the first few batch of Plurk-based services that have been coming up recently. is a URL Shortening service, similar to The different is that, with, you can post the resulting shortened URL to Plurk right from the site.

There is also handy bookmarklet tool, so you dont have to use plurl website to do this.

Guiffy – Diff/Merge Tool

When testing Related Content functionality on a website, it can be a lengthy business.  Although you may be provided with exact algorithms and search weightings, sometimes it is just a simple matter of if it appears to be relevant, not just that it matches the system logic. What you should also arm yourself with is a good file compqarison tool, so you can extract and compare the content.  There are a lot of tools, but my personal preference is this one.  Simple, fast and accurate.
Guiffy – Diff Merge tool & Folder Compare application and API Library