WordPress – deactivate plugins from db

Wordpress plugin issues

Sometimes it may be necessary to deactivate plugins, but you can’t access the administrative menus to do so. usually down to a flaky plugin that not only fails to work, but leaves garbage that causes wordpress to throw a hissy fit.

In the table wp_options, under the option_name column (field) find the active_plugins row
TO deactivate ALL plugins, change the option_value field to: a:0:{}.  Hopefully this should intially bring your site back to life, and you can gradually activate each plugin until you find the offending one (that causes your site to fall over),

Here is an example from the option record:-


To remove reference to a plugin, that you already know is the likely problem, simply remove the whole entry (terminated by a “;”).  The blue highlighted text illustrates a complete plugin entry.


The idea here is that users describe characteristics of their search target, instead of relying entirely on content keywords. The easiest way to get an idea of what it is doing (or trying to do!) is search on your name/company and add 1 or more words to give it a little focus. For instance I searched on jaffamonkey qa, which generated result below.

So many lotteries …

Robert Popper (the co-creator of Look Around You, and general modern comedy guru), calling guy behind one of those “you have one $688,000 in spanish lottery” scams …

… a little while back I received a letter saying that I had physically won 615,810 Euros in the Spanish Lottery. Congratulations! So I phoned the man, a gentleman by the name(s) of Don Luis Lopez to find out how I could get all my winnings…



howsociable_wordpress1What Keith Barrett would call “just a bit of fun”.   It searches a lot of major social networking/bookmarking sites for occurences of search term (i.e. your name or ID).  I was interested to finds my ID appears on sites I signed up to, but never used, such as ecademy and ning.  But sometimes interesting to find out where you have been mentioned!  Needs to cover a load more sites though.

HowSociable? – Brand Visibility Metrics

E.ON – Power and Gas

Although the English service record has always been particularly poor, utilities companies seem to employ people with part of their brains missing.  I recently moved into new flat, and dutifully informed Eon of the change of tenant.  I now get two bills regularly twice a week – one billed to The Occupier for bill prior to me moving in, and one also addressed to “The Occupier” for subsequent bill.  Now it seems to me that they have obviously received my details, as the date up to, and date from, on the bills tallies.  Maybe they are hoping I will pay both bills to save them administration.  Must be so complicated changing one name to another – obviously is for a UK company, especially lazy inept parasitic ones like Eon.

BT also step up to the mark on this one, but in a manner intended to confuse and worry you enough to pay up regardless.  They are a far more shameless bunch of idiots, and in process of taking them to court, as we cannot allow companies to feel they can bully – that is simply plain cowardice on their part.

Actually I am missing the point – you want to screw more money out of your customers – apply unreasonable inflation-busting charges, keep the intimidation letters flowing, and hire idiots to administer – pure credit-crunch brilliance!  It worked for The Tube, National Rail, etc.  Incompetence should be rewarded, and now is in the UK – welcome to world of “Nathan Barley”, an oft referenced comedy from the very astute Chris Morris (and Charlie Brooker).

I am not too churlish not to wish all a happy new year, so Happy New Year Eon and BT! ….. you bunch of morons.